11 Best Online Tutoring Jobs for Teens and College Students (HIRING NOW!)

Have you ever been called a nerd because you’re good at a certain subject in school? 

Let’s put that “nerd-ness” to good use and make some money being a tutor! 

“Wait? I thought that tutoring was only for academic professionals and teachers???” 

Nope! You are wrong. 

Turns out, tutoring is an incredible profession. As a tutor, you can earn money by giving academic aid and instruction to other students. 

The cool thing about tutoring is you don’t have to be an English professor with 37 years of schooling. You don’t have to know Trigonometry and have 4 Master Degrees from Harvard and Yale. 

You can earn a living as a tutor even as a high schooler. 

Despite all the myths floating on the internet you can earn a living as a tutor and take that love of Algebra or your fondness for English novels… and start making money

Before we dive into our list of these legitimate online tutoring jobs for teens… let’s look at a few solid questions that people have been asking.

Online Tutoring Equipments

Can a Teenager Be an Online Tutor? 

YES! Of course, a teenager can be an online tutor.

I will be discussing some incredible sites that allow teens to use their gifts for tutoring. They can earn over $20 an hour all from working online.

Many of these sites would require a parental guide to create an account for you if you’re under the age of 18.

But some do allow you to earn a living, teach other students, and share your gifts with the world. (Even if you still need a hall pass to go to the bathroom.) 

Is Online Tutoring a Good Job? 

YES! YES! YES! Tutoring is an amazing job for teens and college students.

This is because it allows you to work from the comfort of your house and save you money and time from a commute.

You can also create a tutoring curriculum around your school and work schedule. 

For example, let’s say you attend school for eight hours a day. You could do 2-3 hours of online tutoring 5 days a week. At $20 per hour, you’re earning $60+ a day. 

That’s over $1,200 per month as a side job.

Of course, you can earn more if you work more, but this is an awesome means of income for when you’re first getting started. 

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What Equipment Do I Need for Online Tutoring? 

While each setup will be different… the standard is that you need two main pieces of equipment. 

  • A computer/laptop with a working microphone and camera
  • High-speed internet 

If you have those two things then you can be a tutor. What’s great about this is it doesn’t take a lot of money upfront to get started

A couple of extra pieces of equipment would include things like: 

1. A light ring: This is for when you have your camera turned on so your student can see you with better lighting.

2. Screen recording software: This is helpful for screen recording your lessons. Some students have trouble with learning and getting the material right away.

This allows you to add on a bonus of screen recording so your student can apply the lesson… even after the tutoring session has ended.

Again, it can take very minimal equipment to get started working as a tutor online. 

Online Tutoring Jobs For Teens And College Students

Why Teenager and College Students Should Consider Tutoring?

Tutoring is an amazing opportunity for younger people as it teaches them a few important key lessons.

Number 1: It shows them how to become better students. After all, the best students are the ones who can teach what they’ve learned. 

Number 2: It allows them to teach something they enjoy and love. When we are in school we are learning countless subjects that we don’t like. With tutoring, you can pick something that you love and get paid to teach it! 

Number 3: It allows students to create a winning resume in the future. This can apply to scholarship opportunities and work positions in the future!

A lot of businesses and brands look for experience after you graduate. Why not create that experience while you are working hard in school?

This will give you leverage that allows you to stand out from the future competition in the workforce.

Now, let’s dive into 11 different tutoring jobs you can do online as a teen. 

This list works for people who are teenagers in high school… up to college students. 

Note: All these platforms are all FREE to use. Creating an account is always free, however, some do have premium options that might have an up-charge. 

1. Tutor Care

Tutor Care is one of the original tutoring platforms. You will be able to provide 1-1 tutoring sessions with your students and have opportunities to upload videos. 

From answering homework help questions in reviewing home study problems… you can start earning money today at Tutor Care. 

The minimum age is 16 years old to apply. It is typical for your parents to help you create an account and have parental consent to do so. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic site to start earning an income from tutoring. 

Where are all the teens at?! 

Website: www.tutorcare.com 

2. Jooble.org 

Want to earn up to $20 per hour? Perhaps even $30 or $40 per hour? Look no further than Jooble. This is a job posting website that posts jobs daily. This is a perfect connecting place for tutors and students to meet. 

You can get alerts for available jobs on your phone so you never miss an opportunity to earn money. What’s great about this site is the job posts include the student’s budget… you can either approve it or move on to a job that pays more. It’s up to you! 

While other tutoring job sites have fixed pricing, you can choose how much you’re willing to work for. 

Website: www.jooble.org 

3. Tutapoint 

This tutoring site has been around since 2007. While you must be older than 18 years old, this is an amazing opportunity for college students to earn extra money tutoring. 

This company is an award-winning tutoring platform as well, so they have a high reputation and standard. 

While this platform is a little bit harder to get on the list to tutor for… it’s worth the shot. Who knows, you might be able to become a top tutor! 

Website: www.tutapoint.com 

4. Tutor Eye 

At Tutor Eye, you have the opportunity to be 18 years old and start earning money as a Tutor. 

While this is an incredible platform for growing your Tutoring business there’s more to it. 

You can create a profile to connect you with other students and tutors to scale your tutoring business. 

Website: www.tutoreye.com 

5. Prep Now 

At Prep Now you either need two years of teaching or tutoring to get started. This is great news since you don’t need a degree to work with one of the top tutoring platforms. Some tutors and teachers on this website charge up to $200 per hour for their services. Uh-yes, please! 

While you might not be able to start that rate it shows the growth and potential places you can take tutoring. 

Most people believe that teachers and tutors are broke, but they don’t have to be. Not with those rates. 

Website: www.prepnow.com 

6. Fiverr


Most people know Fiverr as a website that allows people to sell their creative freelancing services

But did you know you can create your gigs and services to tutor??? Well, you can! 

You can create a gig and set your pay-rates. When people are starting on Fiverr they will set their rates very low. You will see $5-$15 starting rates. This is because you want to build up 5-star reviews at the beginning. 

From there you can build up your tutoring business and charge accordingly. 

Website: www.fiverr.com 

7. Chegg 

At Chegg, you have the opportunity to become a Tutor at one of the top Tutoring sites in the world. With their easy application process, you could be approved in the next couple of days. And be on your way to earning over $20 an hour tutoring your favorite subject. 

What makes Chegg different is that the website sends tutoring jobs to you. In contrast, most Tutoring websites require you to search for them yourself. 

Create a flexible schedule that works for your life and goals. 

Website: www.chegg.com 

8. Preply 

Preply is an incredible platform as it offers over 50 subjects for you to choose from to teach! 

You can get started with teaching at preply and create a legitimate business from it. All you have to do is send in an application and wait 2-4 days to hear back.

One thing that stood out is they pride themselves in guarantee payment systems. This means you never have to worry about getting paid securely and on time. 

Preply has you covered! 

Website: www.preply.com 

9. Care

You might think that Care is just a babysitting site but it offers a plethora of tutoring options. 

This site is amazing for connecting young adults to families who need a tutor, like yesterday. 

Note, if you are between the ages of 14-17 then you must have a legal guardian to help you create an account. From there they must help you apply for jobs. 

A perk of working with Care is that you can set your pay-rate. For example, 15-year-olds are making up to $50 per hour using this website to teach and tutor. 

Sounds like a moneymaker? Absolutely! 

Website: www.care.com 

10. Sittercity 

Much like the website Care.com… SitterCity is also known for providing child care services. But they also have a great directory for tutoring jobs. 

While you must be 18 years old to create an account, this is still a great resource for finding tutoring jobs. 

Another great perk is you can set your pay-rate. Most tutoring platforms have a standard price. But you can set your rates and work from there. 

When first starting, you might want to set your rates a little bit lower and then build from there.

This is a standard for most websites and it’s okay to undercharge at the beginning. Just remember to raise your rates over time. 

Website: www.sittercity.com 

11. UpWork 

This online platform is a top destination for tutoring jobs.

While you have to be 18 years old to create an account, in some instances… UpWork will make exceptions for you to create an account. 

You can get started on Tutoring and creating a profile with your credibility. From there you will want to start pitching your profile with the connections you have from the site. 

This is a great way to earn 5-star reviews and help other students get the results they are looking for. 

Website: www.upwork.com 

Final Words

There you have it, 11 different online tutoring jobs for teens to college students. 

When you are first starting on your online tutoring journey you’re not going to have reviews. 

It’s okay to charge less than what you’re worth to build up more credibility. Over time, you can create substantial income and students will come to you.

This is based on the momentum of your work compounding over time with the reviews you gain. 

So remember to not get discouraged when you take your very first steps. It might take a little bit of time to grow your business, and you know what?

That is perfectly fine!

It’s also important to point out that internet safety is a must, regardless of someone’s age.

Many of the sites listed above require a parent to create a profile for a child if they’re underage and be present.

This is to practice safety measures in regards to tutors that are a bit younger. No matter your age, you can always get started working online as a tutor.

All in all, tutoring is a great opportunity to grow and develop as a student and teacher.

Sometimes the best jobs are the ones you go out and create yourself.

So make sure to constantly be looking for opportunities that can grow your business.

And of course, a great way to earn money online

A few questions to ask yourself: 

  • What online tutoring jobs stood out to you the most? 
  • Why do you want to become a tutor in the first place? 
  • What subject(s) do you enjoy and love teaching? 

Be sure to share this article on Pinterest and comment on your questions below! Thank you for reading! 

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