about Kunika Patel

Hi, I am Kunika and welcome to my website – PotatoBlogger.com

Why potato? Potatoes come in all shapes and sizes and there is so much we can do with them. Potatoes are cool… So, Hie I am a 25-year-old Potato.

My blog is mainly focused on new bloggers who wish to make their living online. You’ll also find some amazing tips on starting a blog successfully, making money online, being productive, starting a passive income stream, and improving your lifestyle.

Blogging and making money online is not an easy task. I know how hard it can be to scale your business from beginner to the next level. But to achieve something you must be truly passionate about it, to make it work.

All the tips and tricks shared on this blog are based on my personal experiences with various online earning opportunities. I have failed a lot but those have been one of the greatest teachers to help me learn how things should actually work.

Expect to see a lot of personal experiences-based guides to help you start something good and avoid the mistakes I’ve done.

I’d love to work with you in growing your business online as a friendly coach.

So join me in my journey, learn through my experience, note down some important tips, find out your passion and goals, and start your journey as well. Let us grow together.